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I am developing on cherrypy, I start it from a python script.

For better development I wonder what is the correct way to stop cherrypy from within the main process (and not from the outside with ctrl-c or SIGTERM).

I assume I have to register a callback function from the main application to be able to stop the cherrypy main process from a worker thread.

But how do I stop the main process from within?

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import sys
class MyCherryPyApplication(object):

  def default(self):
  default.exposed = True


Putting a sys.exit() in any request handler exits the whole server

I would have expected this only terminates the current thread, but it terminates the whole server. That's what I wanted.

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A gentler method is at stackoverflow.com/questions/2125175/… –  Cees Timmerman Nov 21 '11 at 10:33

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