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I'm trying to add a fitted quadratic curve to a plot.


The regression which is displayed is linear and not quadratic and I get this message:

Message d'avis : In abline(lm(data ~ factor + I(factor^2)), col = palette[iteration]) : utilisation des deux premiers des 3 coefficients de régression

which means:

Use of the first 2 of the 3 regression coefficients

When running only the lm() function I don't get any messages.

Here is a sample data:

factor <- 1:7
data <- c(0.1375000,0.2500000,0.3416667,0.4583333,0.7250000,0.9166667,1.0000000)
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Instead of using abline, use fitted, which gives you a vector the same length as your input of the predictions:

#         1         2         3         4         5         6         7 
# 0.1248016 0.2395833 0.3699405 0.5158730 0.6773810 0.8544643 1.0471230 

Thus, something like:

plot(factor, fitted(lm(data~factor+I(factor^2))), type="l")
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You can use predict for this:


enter image description here

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Careful- that line will work only because factor is a series of consecutive increasing integers starting from 1. –  David Robinson Feb 17 '13 at 23:13

I couldn't get answers so far to work, as dataset I used has x-values which are not increasing (as stated by David Robinson above). Here's how I solved it...


glm.fit = glm(mpg~poly(horsepower,2),data=Auto)

# create 100 x-values based on min/max of plotted values
minMax = range(Auto$horsepower)
xVals = seq(minMax[1], minMax[2], len = 100) 

# Use predict based on a dataframe containing 'horsepower'
yVals = predict(lm.fit, newdata = data.frame(horsepower=xVals))

lines(xVals, yVals)
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thanks for all these valuable answer. Be carefull:


Use predict based on a dataframe containing 'horsepower'

yVals = predict(glm.fit, newdata = data.frame(horsepower=xVals)

Use predict based on a dataframe containing 'horsepower'

yVals = predict(lm.fit, newdata = data.frame(horsepower=xVals)

lm.fit is a function

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