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I'm trying to interface with Tor using Python, but it keeps refusing my connection. Here is my code:

from TorCtl import TorCtl
conn = TorCtl.connect(controlAddr="", controlPort=9051, passphrase="123")

I've also tried:

from TorCtl import TorCtl
conn = TorCtl.connect()

Both yield the following error:

Failed to establish socket: [Errno 10061] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Any ideas why this is happening/how I might fix it?

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Assuming this is a *nix system, run netstat -tnlp in the shell to verify the service is actually running on port 9051. – Anorov Feb 17 '13 at 23:28
Unfortunately I am running on Windows. But regardless, even if the service is not running on port 9051, the second piece of code should take care of that (I think) – user2081501 Feb 17 '13 at 23:37
It should be a similar syntax for Windows. Try typing the same command, and try various other netstat arguments if that doesn't work. – Anorov Feb 17 '13 at 23:38

Hmmm, first I've seen that particular error. My first guess would be a local firewall, try running 'telnet localhost 9051' to troubleshoot.

On a side note TorCtl has been deprecated in favour of stem.

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