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I'm using an AngularJS resource to basically $.ajax() some form data.

Post.put({user:$scope.getLoggedInUser(), action:"new"},{body:$scope.postBody, "public":$scope.postPublic}, function(post) {

On the form is a checkbox named "public."

I am using this function to merge the form data with the params from the URL:

(defn get-params [request]
  (merge (:params request) (parse-string (slurp (request :body)) true)))

when I println from my route's handler like so I get a nice true when the checkbox is checked:

(println (:public (get-params request)))

However, when I pass the parameter (i.e. not the println) to another function in my controller that talks to the database, I do another println at the beginning of that function and get nil instead.

I've tried passing it as

(read-string x)
(boolean (Boolean/valueOf x))
(Boolean/valueOf x)

to no avail.

One thing that might be causing it (but I don't know why) is that I'm wrapping the request through authentication like this:

(auth? request #(create x y z))

where the (create) function creates a record in the database.

I can't get it to be true no matter what I've tried.

EDIT: more complete code


(defn auth? [request callback-true & [callback-false]]
  (println (callback-true))
  (let [login-response (auth/login request)]
    (if (and (not (string? login-response))
      (if callback-false 
        (json-response (str "{\"auth\":" login-response "}"), 401)))))

(defn create [user logged-in-user body public?]
  (if (= logged-in-user user)
    (json-response (post-view/single-post (post/create user body public?)))
    (json-response "{\"auth\":\"can't create post under different logged in user\"}" 401)))

(defroutes routes
  (PUT "/api/:user/new" request
       (println request)
       (auth? request
              #(create (:user (request :params))
                       (:user (request :session))
                       (:body (get-params request))
                       (:public (get-params request)))))


(defn create [username body public?]
  (println public?)
  (when-not (and 
              (str/blank? body)
              (str/blank? username))
  (let [user-id (:id (get-id-from-username username))
            (sql/with-connection db
                (sql/insert-values :post
              [:usr_id :body :public] [user-id body (Boolean/valueOf public?)])))]
    (by-id new-post-id))))
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Don't call get-params twice. (request :body) returns a stream, which can't be read twice.

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(request :body) is a stream object. Slurping it once read the stream till end, next time there is nothing to read from it –  Ankur Feb 18 '13 at 4:31
that is exactly what happened –  tjb1982 Feb 18 '13 at 14:34

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