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In sublime text with emmet plugin I can write
enter image description here
To get
enter image description here
But if I want to generate some lorem or other tag
enter image description here
after pressing tab I go to the next list item
enter image description here
how can I avoid this?

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You can use CTRL+E to expand lorem3, instead of TAB.

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wow it's great) thank you) – Artem Svirskyi Feb 18 '13 at 12:08

When you expand abbreviation (especially like ul>li*3), Emmet generates tabstops (fields in terms of Sublime Text) in some important places assuming that you’re likely want to fill-up data in them (attribute values, tag contents etc.). So after you expand abbreviation you’re actually moving between tabstops with Tab/Shift-Tab. It’s a pity that ST does not displays decorations for tabstops.

You can simply press Esc key to quit tabstops mode and use Tab for expanding abbreviations.

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