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Is it possible to plot weighted graphs in python using matplotlib?. I did not find it on the matplotlib website.

if I can't do it using matplotlib, can I do it using something else? can we do it on libreoffice?

essentially this is how my data looks like.

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Got the answer: The link points us an answer given by William Stein. all credits to him.

Here is the answer:

Try Sage - it's open source and can draw weighted directed graphs. For example:

A = random_matrix(ZZ,6, density=0.5)
G = DiGraph(A, format='weighted_adjacency_matrix')  # graph from matrix
H = G.plot(edge_labels=True, graph_border=True)             # display on screen'graph.pdf')  # save plot to vector pdf for inclusion in a paper

Here is another given in the same page by : Nick Loughlin

Try Graphviz - it's open source and quite flexible as far as usage is concerned.

It's good at automatic layouts etc, where for example Maple would make a mess of things.

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