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I have a shortcut I would like to perform on any chrome instances whilst using xmonad (or a generic xwindows solution would be handy)

basically its the same keysequence for chrome/firefox/opera to "detatch current browser tab and send to screen n"

The pseudocode

//detach current tab and send to screen n
if current_window_is_browser
     map <alt-t>6 <ctrl-l><ctrl-c><ctrl-w><ctrl-n><ctrl-v><enter><alt-shift-6>

I've fooled around with tab detach scripts but they don's seem to be current (esp chrome). At any rate I want the same command for all of the browsers.

Any ideas? Cheers

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You might want to have a look at xdotool

Install via apt: sudo apt-get install xdotool

with xdotool you can do:

xdotool key alt+t 6 ...

of course you could save the xdotool as a script and execute it with a keybinding in xmonad.

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