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I have a data frame with 2500 rows and 14 columns. One of the columns is named Interest.Rate in which every entry is followed by a % sign. Can you please tell me how to remove the % sign from all the entries of the Interest.Rate column.



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I'm not an android programmer, but if your data frame is a text file, e.g. called data-frame.txt and separated by one spaces each:

Sth Interest.Rate Sth
1 2% 3
4 5% 6

you can use awk for this:

awk "/Interest/{print} !/Interest/{gsub(/%/,\"\");print}" data-frame.txt

or, if you have a different field separator than space (e.g., _), you can tell awk about this by:

awk -F"_" "/Interest/{print} !/Interest/{gsub(/%/,\"\");print}" data-frame.txt

tested system: windows xp sp3, cmd.exe, msys-1.0 awk

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