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I am using Jira client for .NET via webservices; that enabled me to perform various tasks like retrieve and update issues, fields etc. The problem is when the issue is retrieved some of the issue fields are in a wiki text format i.e. like

* Heading
*# point 1
*# point 2 

I need to convert this format to plain text or HTML. After doing some research I found that this functionality is provided in JIRA Api by

Class AtlassianWikiRenderer

My question is how can I use the functionality (AtlassianWikiRenderer) or other as specified in here in a .NET project?

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You can't use JIRA API classes from .NET app unless you provide an additional method of communication between your app and JIRA. This may be:

  • extending JIRA SOAP service
  • implementing your own REST service as a plugin

The other way is to get an issue view page as HTML and parse it. It's not that good but it works. Even some commercial products use this way.

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