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Hi I'm new to Js and Coffeescript, here's a situation I feel difficult to refer the property of parent object which is App in the following example

App =
  init: -> = 'bar'
  bindEvent: ->  
  show: ->


I think the fat arrow may do the trick but once I've changed to show: =>, this in the context of show method refers to the window object, instead of App object that I want to . Anybody can tell me how to do it right?

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Have a look of this answer for a discussion of the fat arrow.… to se – robkuz Feb 18 '13 at 7:45

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When you define your show function, @ (AKA this) actually is window so

show: => console.log(@)

will bind show to window. The problem is that you're simply defining an object so there isn't anything to bind to: you aren't defining a class so this is window. You could refer to App explicitly like this:

App =
  show: -> alert(


The in init will do the right thing because saying App.init() sets up the expected this.

You could also hook up the desired this manually:

bindEvent: ->
  $('#test').click => @show()

# or
bindEvent: ->
  _this = @ # JavaScript style
  $('#test').click ->


Or you could create a class for your App instead:

class App
  constructor: ->
    @foo = 'bar'
  bindEvent: ->  
  show: =>

new App

That way your show: => will behave the way you expect it to.


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