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In the following script I try to set the values for $var_1 and $var_2 using the set method for the object $obj. But when I call the get method to retrieve the values set for that object,I get a blank. Why is that ?

class Tester {

    public $var_1;
    public $var_2;

    public function set() {
        $var_1 = 20;
        $var_2 = "Tu jo aa jaaye..toh is ghar ko sawanrta dekhun";

    public function get() {
        return "Var_1 is : {$var_1} and Var_2 is : {$var_2}";

$obj = new Tester();
$obj_c = clone $obj;
$obj_nc = $obj;

echo $obj->get();

echo $obj_nc->get();
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The $this is required in PHP. You're referencing local variables otherwise.

public function someFunc()
    //$this->var and $var are in no way linked:
    $var = 1; //A local variable named $var with a value of 1
    $this->var = 2; // A property of $this object with a value of 2

As a side note, you should develop with display_errors On and error_reporting cranked all the way up. If that had been the case, you would have seen notices that you were references undefined variables. (Note that error_reporting arguably should be cranked all the way up on production servers [if your code was coded with it mind], but display_errors should never be On in a production environment -- logs should be used instead.)

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