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I just started to learn about machine learning and know the basic concepts of it.

How can I demonstrate the machine learning sequence (training, validation,application) using a tool and data source. ML technologies: neural network, support vector machine, hidden Markov model. Any one of this can be used.

Please guide me how to do this.

Thanks a lot for everyone who is going to help me with this.

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If you are using (or are happy to use) C# then the following Accord .NET framework is good and diverse. I would also recommend this book. The man behind the Accord Framework also has a very good blog you should check out.

If you want a tool that has a GUI then maybe check out WEKA or ORANGE.

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It's not exactly a step-by-step demonstration, but here is Basilio Noris's MLDemos. Its a very cool visual tool for understanding machine learning.

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