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I am trying to develop a CakePHP application using several models and defining relations within those models.

Now, I need to retrieve a model's fieldset (i.e., column names) to create a nice form. I am familiar with getColumnTypes and schema, but I need to get fields recursively, so that I can feed the output to Backbone.js.

For example, suppose I have a Customer model with a field 'name', and a hasOne relationship to an Address mode, with a field 'street', I need to somehow obtain a structure like the one below.

  "Address": {
    "subschema": {"street"}
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You'll need to define the hasOne relationship from Address to subschema and so on, and when querying the data use recursive keyword

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Thank you. The relationships are defined. Please note I am interested in getting the field tiles, not the values themselves. I will clarify this in the question. –  corrideat Feb 18 '13 at 3:26

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