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I have downloaded a header file and static library file (.a file) from the internet. They are provided by the wireless printer which i bought for my iphone and trying to make print functionality working in my app. The problem is when I run the sample app provided by them to test printer, I get the following linker error...Obviously the app was designed in the previous versions of Xcode and Im using Xcode 4.5. Much appreciated if someone could Guide me..enter image description here

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Hello, can you kindly tell me how you got hold of libwspr240.a? This is the static library for Woosim bluetooth printer. Did you have to mail them to get the sample? Thanks in advance! – Ravindranath Akila Mar 28 '14 at 8:34
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If you are building an iOS project and it's using the i386 architecture, then you must be building for the simulator. What happens when you build for an actual iOS device?

It's possible that the library was compiled only for the processor architectures for real iOS devices, typically armv6, armv7, or armv7s. You can use the file command in Terminal to see what architectures are in the .a library file.

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Check these answers Symbols not found for architecture i386? and symbols not found.

Check your project-> build phases -> Link Binary With Libraries whether there is libwspr240.a file is there or not.

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Remove libwspr240.a file and then readd it using

Project --> Build Phases --> Link Binary with Libraries click '+' button to add.

Then Clean and Build the project

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