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Hi Guys I have tried practically everything on this question and tried every solution on this forum and still unable to figure out the solution for this problem. I am unable to play mp3 files from Jplayer despite giving correct swf path. Files are playing in chrome and IE but not firefox


    ready: function () {
    $(this).jPlayer("setMedia", {
            mp3:"<?php echo Zend_Registry::getInstance()->constants->img_profilepath .       $this->acc->Username . '/' . Zend_Registry::getInstance()->constants->img_albumpath . '/' . $this->album->Id . '/' . Zend_Registry::getInstance()->constants->audio_path . '/' . $this->playsong->Id . $this->playsong->Audio; ?>"
    swfPath: "",
    supplied: "mp3",
    cssSelectorAncestor: ""

document.getElementById("track-title").innerHTML='<h6 class="subheader"><marquee><?php     echo$this->playsong->Title;?></marquee></h6>';


And this is the script that is executed when media is played

function play(url,title,songid)

    mp3: url

$("#jquery_jplayer_1").jPlayer("play", 0);
document.getElementById("track-title").innerHTML='<h6 class="subheader"><marquee>'+title+'</marquee></h6>';

    {'songid' : songid});

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Are there any javascript errors? – Tim Fountain Feb 18 '13 at 17:33

Note the following line:

swfPath: "",

I've seen people do this before and it was problematic. This is what I suggest

  • Download the swf file
  • Place it in the directory where you have your javascript for jPlayer
  • change the swfPath to point to that location - without specifying the name of the swf file

So, for example, lets say you have a directory like /js/jplayer - download the swf into there... then change your code:

swfPath: "/js/jplayer"
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Thank you guys the disqus plugin was causing the problem. When I removed it player started working fine. Thanks once again

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