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I have words coded within daily notes

These are like diary entries with coding at the end...

I took some advil today,tired=.5,headache=.75, etc  
rode a bike for 3 hours,tired=.75,headache=.75, etc

Can I write a formula that can search for the phrase tired=.5 or tired=.75 and put the .5 or .75 in the cell. There are only 4 possibilities for levels .25,.5,.75, and 1. If it doesn't find a statement for tired it should give back 0. This works for absolute phrase matches.


but I'm not sure how to use search to do the same thing.

Here is my failed attempt at using search.

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I think this will do it:


No reason to use IF statements, just FIND and convert the text directly. I mix FIND and SEARCH here, you can use one or both as you prefer (FIND is case sensitive, SEARCH is not).

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Good Idea...So basically you are finding the value of the text between the = sign and the next comma. I just have to make sure it ends in comma. I don't think there's another option besides that. What about the case where tired is not marked at all it should give 0 instead it gives #value. Can I wrap the whole thing in something that gives 0 if nothing is found? But the same answer if something is found? – techdog Feb 18 '13 at 22:42
Assuming you're on a newish version of office, the IFERROR function is probably most useful for this - odds are you'll get an error if nothing is found (since Excel tends towards returning errors that way), and IFERROR does just what you want there - IFERROR(forumla,value-if-error) returns formula's result if valid, otherwise value-if-error. If you don't have IFERROR, you can directly evaluate the result like in the olden days (IF(formula=error, value-if-error, formula), but it requires putting the formula in twice... – Joe Feb 19 '13 at 3:56
Thanks for your expertise. I'm confident I can get this to work now. – techdog Feb 19 '13 at 23:06
I'm using the IFERROR solution but running into a problem where tired=.5 is often followed by a space not a comma. How would I allow it to handle both cases comma or space. I'm trying to use OR with IFERROR casecomma, and IFERROR, casespace. but not sure how to implement it. – techdog Aug 7 '13 at 17:29

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