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The default key to find the next character in vim is ; but I have ; mapped to :
So, I would like to repeat find character using .
How can I do this? Also, are there any disadvantages of doing this(Will it conflict with the behaviour of . )

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Of course it will conflict with the original .. Why don't you just keep the default? –  romainl Feb 18 '13 at 6:13
Don't do this. Keep ; as ; and never, ever touch . –  Andy Ray Feb 18 '13 at 7:51

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When you simply :nnoremap ; ., you'll lose the helpful original repeat functionality. You probably want to "overload" . to either repeat the last command, or the last f / t jump.

That's possible through repeat.vim - Use the repeat command (.) with supported plugins, but it requires some effort. You need to overload the f / t commands to invoke repeat#set("<Plug>OriginalSemicolon"):

:nnoremap <Plug>OriginalSemicolon ;
:nnoremap <silent> f :<C-u>call repeat#set("\<lt>Plug>OriginalSemicolon")<CR>f
:nnoremap <silent> t :<C-u>call repeat#set("\<lt>Plug>OriginalSemicolon")<CR>t
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