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Hey Friend i am using for scheduling jobs in mvc3 application.I wrote a sample to code to scan file in the another server. It was working fine while i was doing in my local machine. Than i published the application in my local and tested it. Till then i was working fine. But now when i deployed the application in production sever all goes in vain.

When i first create the job i can see those jobs in quartz table of cron, jobdetails and triggers has been store in mysql database. But it doesnot get scheduled. i mean if i want to do certain work to be excuted in every 5 minuted it doesn't work. And it also doesn't show any exception

I am stuck on it . Is there any way to resolve my problem. Or any configuration i need to configure for this

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It seems like a permissions problem.

I would suggest you to activate a logging system. uses Common.Logging to traces errors.
You can read some more here or read my answer here (Log4Net).
I have used + Common.Logging + NLog in the past and I've written something about it and how you can configure it.
Should work for 2.x as well with some changes.

With the logging system in place you should be able to find out what happening.

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