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i m new in iphone programming and i m very confused in paypal..

paypal payment with credit card without Login into paypal and without paypal account.i want to make app where i want to enter credit card numbers and other info of credit card and purchase thing from my app.what i have to do me out.. thank x in advance.

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check this thread. making direct payments from your app is not permitted. – Mohammad Feb 18 '13 at 5:43
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Set SOLUTIONTYPE=Sole of your SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetails object to enable the user to do the transactions without having a Paypal account

e,g. If the objSetExpressCheckoutRequestDetails is object of class SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetails in your code then add line


in your code wherever you are initializing your paypal object

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I think it's help full to you.Can you try This below reference link.

Paypal sand box using ios

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