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Due to showing MPR view based on Dicoms. I've made a 3D array from series of dicom files. And I show it from Coronal and Sagittal sides.

My 3D array includes: 

 - z = count of dicoms
 - c = column value for every dicoms
 - r = Row value for every dicoms

But I have a problem. When there is some space between slices, image is made by this way doesn't show a correct view. Because I can not think of simulation distance between them!

I don't know how to calculate space between slices? I want to add extra space between slices. for example, If space between slices is 4. I have to add 4 time z inner slices.

I hope to arrive my mean.

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DICOM has an attribute called Spacing Between Slices (0018, 0088) that gives the distance between two adjacent slices (perpendicular to the image plane) and it also has an attribute called Slice Thickness (0018, 0050) that gives the thickness of the imaged slice (the image plane exists at the center of the slice, with half of the volume above the plane and half below). Image Position (Patient) (0020, 0032) and Image Orientation (Patient) (0020, 0037) are also useful attributes for computing spatial relationships between slices.

For a more detailed explanation, see section C.7.6.2 of part 3 of the DICOM standard. (p. 409)

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Thanks @Matt for your answer. I've used SpacingBetweenSlices(0018, 0088) for simulation of space between slices. Should I use SliceThickness(0018, 0050) for calculating real space? if yes, How come? –  omid nazifi Feb 19 '13 at 6:19
You need both pieces of information. Slice thickness tells you what region of space contributed to the pixel values in a given slice. If the slice thickness is less than the spacing between slices, then there is a gap region between the slices that was not imaged. If the slice thickness is greater than the spacing between slices, then the slices overlap (there exists a region that contributed information to both of the adjacent slices). –  Matt Feb 19 '13 at 16:18

Image Position (Patient) and Image Orientation (Patient) are the two only attributes you should ever used when computing distance between slices. For more details see here or here. For an actual implementation see here, this implementation also does take into account Frame Of Reference UID.

This question is the question #1 asked on comp.protocols.dicom.

Please see ImageJ bug

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