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I've a custom post-type "video" and i enabled custom fields already. i need to create three custom fields, 1. video file, 2. video url, 3. video code. i tried couple of tutorials on tutsplus and other sites but not get working as i need. anyone can help.

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Wordpress has a built in api function, add_meta_box which you can use to output the form fields for your post meta. in the post_type argument you need to put 'video'

In order to capture the form input you need to use the save_post action, take a look here

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Thanks LobsterMan yeah i follow this and create a custom field now –  Stephen Finn Feb 18 '13 at 8:20

Easiest way is to use a plugin like Advanced Custom Fields. You'll have a nice interface to add your custom fields and to choose on which post type to show them.

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