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I am new to R. I would like others to please explain to me how to add absolute values inside the individual stacked bars in a consistent way using the basic R plotting function (R base). I tried to plot a stacked bar graph using R base but the values appear in an inconsistent/illogical way in such a way that its supposed to be 100% for each village but they don't sum up to 100%. Here is the data that am working on:

Village     100          200    300 400     500
Male    68.33333      53.33333   70 70      61.66667
Female  31.66667      46.66667   30 30      38.33333

In summary, there are five villages and the data showing the head of household interviewed by sex.

I have used the following command towards plotting the graph:


Please help to allocate the correct values in each bar Thanks

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You need to compute the heights using cumsum. Something like this :

heights =c(cumsum(dat[,1])-dat[,1]/2,cumsum(dat[,2])-dat[,2]/2),

I assume you data is, but the same method can be applied to the translate also,

        Male   Female
100 68.33333 31.66667
200 53.33333 46.66667
300 70.00000 30.00000
400 70.00000 30.00000
500 61.66667 38.33333

For example I do this:

midpts <- barplot(dat,col=rainbow(5),beside=F)
legend(2, 320, rownames(dat), cex=1, angle = c(135, 45),  fill =rainbow(5))
text(x= rep(midpts,each=5),
y =c(cumsum(dat[,1])-dat[,1]/2,cumsum(dat[,2])-dat[,2]/2),
label = round(unlist(dat),2),cex=1.2)

enter image description here

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