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Please note this picture enter image description here I set break point in top method.but if look at the bottom method's parameter you can see value off top method.I know this is because naming but i want to know why?Related with CLR or compiler?

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This is just a debugger artifact due to the name being the same. No harm is done. – leppie Feb 18 '13 at 7:57

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Visual Studio identifies what symbol you're hovering. It will find the string "conference". To display the value, the debugger will look for a symbol with that name in the current scope.

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This is just something related to the debugger, not the CLR or anything else. In any given scope, there is only one accessible variable or object with specified name, so the debugger does not try to distinguish the same names appearing in different palces.

Hovering over a name is equivallent of adding a watch for the varialbe in the debugger's watch window. It doesn't matter where you picked the name from.

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Porgram execution works on stack where program pushes values and instructions on it.

So watch window queries that "hashtable" for name vs value and shows you the result.

In this concrete case, you have 2 variables with the same name, one of them already available on the stack, so watch window simply shows its result.

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