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This is how I am currently doing it

- (IBAction)sliderDistanceChanged {
    CGFloat sliderPosition = self.sliderDistance.value;
    NSUInteger sliderIndex = [BGDistanceFilterStop indexForFilterEffect:sliderPosition];

    self.distanceFilterForCatalog = @([BGDistanceFilterStop numberValueOfDistance:sliderIndex]);
    //self.distanceFilterForCatalog= @(self.sliderDistance.value).roundWithForDistanceFilter;
    //[self.distanceFilter setTitle:self.distanceFilterForCatalog.distanceForm forState:UIControlStateNormal];
    [self.distanceFilter setTitle:[BGDistanceFilterStop stringValueOfDistance:sliderIndex] forState:UIControlStateNormal];

- (IBAction)SliderNoLongerTouched:(id)sender {
    CGFloat sliderIndex = [BGDistanceFilterStop sliderSnappedPosition:self.sliderDistance.value];

Basically it detects self.sliderDistance.value and then based on that set the reported value after rounding.

Once the user no longer touch, I change the position of self.sliderDistance.value

That is fine.

However, I want to change the self.sliderDistance.value before the user touch up. However, it's the same variable iOS uses to track both hand position and value of slider.

So how do I arrange that the button snap to the right place without changing the self.sliderDistance.value?

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I am assuming that each of these actions is linked to the UISlider in question. The first is triggered by valueChanged and the second by touchUpInside.

In this case firstly change your signatures to these

- (IBAction)sliderDistanceChanged:(UISlider*)sender;
- (IBAction)sliderNoLongerTouched:(UISlider*)sender;

so that you can refer to the slider with sender instead of self.sliderDistance (simpler, more self-contained).

Modify sliderDistanceChanged

    - (IBAction)sliderDistanceChanged:(UISlider*)sender;
          //allocate the raw slider value to a variable
          CGFloat rawValue = sender.value; 

          //calculate the snapped value
          CGFloat snappedValue = [BGDistanceFilterStop sliderSnappedPosition:sender.value];

          //snap the slider in position
          sender.value = snappedValue;

         //now do the rest of your processing 
         //using rawValue if you want the raw value, 
         //snappedValue if you want the snapped value


Simplify sliderNoLongerTouched

 - (IBAction)sliderNoLongerTouched:(id)sender {
    sender.value = [BGDistanceFilterStop sliderSnappedPosition:sender.value];

(you don't actually need this now, as the value snaps in place in sliderDistanceChanged)

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Works perfectly. Pretty snappy now. – Jim Thio Feb 19 '13 at 9:36

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