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I want to spit out everything in Request.Form so I can just return it as a string and see what I am dealing with. I tried setting up a for loop...

// Order/Process
// this action is the submit POST from the pricing options selection page
// it consumes the pricing options, creates a new order in the database,
// and passes the user off to the Edit view for payment information collection

public string Process()
    string posted = "";
    for(int n = 0;n < Request.Form.Count;n++)
        posted += Request.Form[n].ToString();
    return posted;

But all I ever get back is '12' and I know there are a lot more things on the form than that...

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StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder();
foreach (string key in Request.Form.Keys)
    s.AppendLine(key + ": " + Request.Form[key]);
string formData = s.ToString();
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foreach(string key in Request.Form.Keys)
  posted += Request.Form[key].ToString();
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+1 That's the one :) –  Andrew Hare Sep 29 '09 at 15:14
foreach(KeyValuePair<string, string> kvp in Request.Form){
   posted += kvp.Key + ":" + kvp.Value + "\n";

Edit: Oh. Apparently you have to hack the NameValueCollection to get it to do this. So this is a bad way to iterate over the collection.

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Specified cast is not valid. –  ioSamurai Sep 29 '09 at 15:18

OHHH I figured out my problem, in my form the one value that I keep getting back is from the only input control that has a NAME. Now that I give them names, it is working.

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