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If you create a new nanoc site, and then run nanoc view, it works well. The CSS, pathing, and assets are correctly handled. However, when I run a nanoc compile, it's not handled the same way. I get broken CSS, broken paths etc.

What is causing this - I assume it's the rules and

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Compile only generates files in /output. Opening one of the html files there is possible, but as the docs state, your browser will not be able to find the CSS files.

Either use nanoc view to load CSS files correctly, or use a local web server to view the files. (Note: nanoc view is nothing more than a local web server).

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Is there anyway to compile directly to plain old HTML and CSS? I am trying to load my blog on github pages. It seems to use the raw output folder. Sorry for inane questions (haven't done much since I asked the question). –  Dominic Bou-Samra Mar 23 '13 at 22:43

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