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$scope.myFunc = function(privilege){ 

    $scope.check = function(privilege){
       return ...


My privilege variable becomes undefined at every watch check(which must not be)? Why I should define it scope variable or do I miss anything with Angular Js?

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The first parameter of the $watch method (the "watchExpression") can be either an Angular string expression (that is evaluated against the $scope), or a function, which is called with $scope as the first parameter. There is no way to pass privilege as the first argument to a watchExpression that is a function.

You could create a closure, if you don't want to store the privilege value on the $scope. See Vojta's fiddle for an example. See also https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/angular/UJRxn_Y0Dd4/9ha38PC3PCwJ

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