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I got the code below which contain a listbox inside a canvas, I'm trying to place the scrollbar only inside the listbox but what I've got is the scrollbar always set on the whole form. Can you pls help me to put the scrollbar inside the listbox only and not on the whole canvas.

def __init__(self):
    self.form = Tk()
    self.form.option_add("*font",("Monotype Corsiva",13))
    self.form.resizable(width=FALSE, height=FALSE)
    self.canvas = Canvas(self.form)
    self.photo = PhotoImage(file='src/back3.gif')

    self.scrollbar = tk.Scrollbar(self.canvas, orient="vertical")
    self.lb = tk.Listbox(self.canvas, width=78, height=15,yscrollcommand=self.scrollbar.set)
    self.scrollbar.pack(side="right", fill="none")
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I suggest you to create a Frame to wrap the Listbox and the Scrollbar. Here it is a class I wrote to do the same thing, it does not fit exactly with your code - I use grid() instead of pack() -, but you get the idea.

class ScrollableListbox(tk.Listbox):
    def __init__(self, master, *arg, **key):
        self.frame = tk.Frame(master)
        self.yscroll = tk.Scrollbar(self.frame, orient=tk.VERTICAL)
        tk.Listbox.__init__(self, self.frame, yscrollcommand=self.yscroll.set, *arg, **key)
        self.yscroll['command'] = self.yview

    def grid(self, *arg, **key):
        self.frame.grid(*arg, **key)
        tk.Listbox.grid(self, row=0, column=0, sticky='nswe')
        self.yscroll.grid(row=0, column=1, sticky='ns')
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