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How is coding for create Edit control object(Cedit class) with Mingw? I read msdn did used "afxwin.h" but cannot found with MinGw compiler. It is you showed code as good.

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1. Post the code you have been working on. 2. Polish your language so that we can understand you. –  phoeagon Feb 18 '13 at 8:35

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The afxwin.h header is part of the MFC framework. No one has come up with a MinGW version of it. So no, you cannot use it with MinGW. Note that even if you could, you would still need to buy a version of Visual Studio that comes with MFC in order to get a license that would allow you to use MFC.

If I were you, I would look into other GUI frameworks. For example Qt (which is much nicer than MFC to begin with; MFC is a legacy framework that most people don't use anymore.)

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