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I'm using collection form type, where children has datetime type input as single text. But when I submit data in validation fails and getErrorsAsString shows this strange error:

        ERROR: This value is not valid.
            No errors
            No errors

Here is how I add my field

//form child
$builder->add('inputDateTime', 'datetime', array(
    'date_widget' => 'single_text',
    'time_widget' => 'single_text'

Why inputDateTime has errors but neither date or time has errors? My locale is set and I tried to add date format but it didn't help.

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The "error_bubbling" property of the "date" and the "time" field is set to true, thus errors on those fields bubble up and are attached to the datetime field instead.

You are right that the error message is not very helpful (there's an open ticket for that) but you can debug the problem by printing the $exception variable in the block that catches the TransformationFailedException generated by the DataTransformer (Form.php:611). The exception contains the detailed error description, which is hidden from the end user for security purposes.

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In fact it appears that is due to an invalid format date (when you are using a different format which can appears when you have set another timezone or locale for instance). As a result, you juste have to specify the date_format options for the datetime field.

In my case, this solve the issue :

'date_format' => 'dd/MM/yyyy',
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