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Is there a way set flags on a per-file basis with automake?
In particular, if I have a c++ project and want to compile with -WAll all the files except one for which I want to disable a particular warning, what could I do?

I tried something like:

CXXFLAGS = -WAll ...
bin_PROGRAMS = test
test_SOURCES = main.cpp utility.cpp
utility_o_CXXFLAGS = $(CXXFLAGS) -Wno-unused-value

but it didn't work.

EDITED: removed reference to automake manual, which was actually misleading (thanks to Douglas Leeder).

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Automake only supports per-target flags, while you want per-object flags. One way around is to create a small library that contains your object:

CXXFLAGS = -Wall ...
bin_PROGRAMS = test
test_SOURCES = main.cpp
test_LDADD = libutility.a
noinst_LIBRARIES = libutility.a
libutility_a_SOURCES = utility.cpp
libutility_a_CXXFLAGS = $(CXXFLAGS) -Wno-unused-value
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You can't do this with automake... but can do with make =) Add following line to you Makefile.am:

utility.$(OBJEXT) : CXXFLAGS += -Wno-unused-value

See GNU Make documentation : Target-specific Variable Values for details.

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The question now is rather old, but the answer is interesting nevertheless, thanks :) –  Paolo Tedesco Sep 11 '12 at 16:30

You've got confused - that section is referring to options to automake itself.

It's a way of setting the automake command-line options:

-W CATEGORY --warnings=category Output warnings falling in category. category can be one of:

    warnings related to the GNU Coding Standards (see Top).
    obsolete features or constructions
    user redefinitions of Automake rules or variables
    portability issues (e.g., use of make features that are known to be not portable)
    weird syntax, unused variables, typos
    unsupported or incomplete features
    all the warnings
    turn off all the warnings
    treat warnings as errors

A category can be turned off by prefixing its name with ‘no-’. For instance, -Wno-syntax will hide the warnings about unused variables.

The categories output by default are ‘syntax’ and ‘unsupported’. Additionally, ‘gnu’ and ‘portability’ are enabled in --gnu and --gnits strictness.

The environment variable WARNINGS can contain a comma separated list of categories to enable. It will be taken into account before the command-line switches, this way -Wnone will also ignore any warning category enabled by WARNINGS. This variable is also used by other tools like autoconf; unknown categories are ignored for this reason.

The per-file listed in section 17 refers to per-Makefile not source file.

I'm not aware of any per-source file flag setting, but you can set the option for each result binary with:

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