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I am using the phpbb forum. I have created two Groups named :British Airways and Oman Airways. The post created by both airways will be treated differently. ie, The posts made by british airways will not see the post by oman Airways.

I hope you got my points. Please help.

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I believe the solution for you is to create two separate subforums and grant each forum only the permissions for the appropriate group.

For example, create a subforum called "British Airways Discussion". In the ACP, select the Forums tab, then Forum permissions. Under Groups add/remove the appropriate groups. In this case you'd add British Airways.

Repeat this for a subforum called "Oman Airways Discussion". In the ACP, add the Oman Airways group.

Now, each group will have their own area to discuss topics while not having permissions to see the other subforum.

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Here we have 10 forums. So it wouldn't be practical to add these 10 forums to each group. Do you think its a proper way?And we have more than 20 Groups. – Nisha haridas Feb 22 '13 at 10:32

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