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I have a block from a table.

I want that I fill the code field with a number, and select the record with these number on their id. I want to use the when-validate-item on the code field, I don't know how "select" the wanted record on oracle forms. Any idea?

Sorry my english.

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This'll be easier if you have two blocks on your form:

  1. A single-record control block (e.g. SEARCH_BLK) with the code field (e.g. CODE) that will act as a "search" field, as well as a "Search" button.

  2. A second block based on your database table (e.g. MYTABLE) which will show the record. Add a predicate for the block's DEFAULT_WHERE property, e.g. ID = :SEARCH_BLK.CODE.

Your when-button-pressed trigger on your Search button would then have something like:


Note that you can't call the GO_BLOCK builtin from a when-validate-item trigger.

If you really want to have it done from when-validate-item, you can use the timer trick, described here: GO_BLOCK in WHEN_VALIDATE Trigger

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