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I have to make shadow-effect for my some block. I got transparent image width gradient from dark to transparent and use it in another div (width=100; repeat-x). But there are another elements under this shadow and they aren't shown, I see just white area at that place. How can I get transparent part of background image?

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Need to see more content. What's your ‘transparent’ image? It needs to be a PNG to preserve the transparency. This should just work on all browsers except IE6, which doesn't directly support semi-transparent images.

You can work around it using an IE6-specific AlphaImageLoader (or one of the many PNG fix scripts that automatically set up AlphaImageLoader for each PNG on the page when running on IE6). However this workaround cannot tile (repeat-x), so you would need to make a bigger background image.

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I'm assuming Internet Explorer. This question should help.

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