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I was wondering if there is a consensus on providing portrait and landscape layout throughout all the activities / screens of an app. On the one hand if I as a user are given the landscape option in one part of the app I probably expect to have it in all parts of the app. On the other hand there are screens in an app where the landscape mode just doesn't make sense, looks horrible and is barely usable, no matter how carfeully you plan your layout.

To not make this subjective: is there any definitive advice from google or a consensus in Usabilty on this topic?

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Check the Usability test cases provided by Google.

Might be related to your question:

  1. UX-B1-d - App does not redefine or misuse Android UI patterns, such that icons or behaviors could be misleading or confusing to users.
  2. FN-U1 - App supports both landscape and portrait orientations (if possible).
  3. FN-U2 - App uses the whole screen in both orientations and does not letterbox to account for orientation changes.

** These are just Guidelines not Policies. :)

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