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I am using jsTree and so far it's looking good.

I have a list of nodes whose id gets incremented with every new node like(g1,g2,g3 ...and some other nodes like k1,k2,k3)

I can open a specific node on document load by using

              "core": { 
                "animation": 0,
                "open_parents": true,
                "initially_open": ['g1']

But i want to open all the nodes that start with 'g' but not 'k' , is something like $(id^=g) can be used?


The nodes are dynamically created through the web-service like

 Dim oSB1 As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder
oSB1.Append(" <h5 >JSTree</h5> <div id='divtree' ><ul id='tree'> <li id='g1'><a       href='#' class='usr'>1st Node</a><ul> <li><a href='#'  rel='file'>1.1</a></li><li><a href='#'  class='usr'>1.2</a></li><li><a href='#'  class='file'>1.3</a></li></ul></li></ul><ul><li id='g2'><a href='#' class='usr'>2nd Node</a><ul> <li><a href='#'  rel='file'>2.1</a></li><li><a href='#' >2.2</a></li></ul></ul> <ul><li id='k2'><a href='#' class='usr'>3rd Node</a><ul> <li><a href='#'  rel='file'>3.1</a></li><li><a href='#' >3.2</a></li></ul></ul> <ul><li id='k2'><a href='#' class='usr'>4th Node</a><ul> <li><a href='#'  rel='file'>4.1</a></li><li><a href='#' >4.2</a></li></ul></ul></div>")
Return oSB1.ToString

the data returned from the web-service is assigned to jstree,hence i need to open only the nodes with id that starts with 'g' and not 'k', in this above example there are just 2 nodes, but imagine if there are more than a 100 nodes.

The tree is called as so

                     "state": "open",
                      "animated": "slow",
                      "plugins": ["themes", "html_data", "ui", "crrm", "contextmenu"],

                      "core": {
                          "animation": 0,
                          "open_parents": true,
                          "initially_open": ['g1']

                      "contextmenu": {
                          "items": function ($node) {
                              return {
                                  "Create": {
                                      "label": "Create a new Node",
                                      "action": function (obj) {
                                          $("#divtree").jstree("create_node", function () { alert("are you sure?") }, true);
                                  "Rename": {
                                      "label": "Rename Node",
                                      "action": function (obj) {
                                          $("#divtree").jstree("rename_node", function () { alert("you are trying to rename") }, true);

                                  "Delete": {
                                      "label": "Delete Node",
                                      "action": function (obj) {
                                          $("#divtree").jstree("delete_node", function () { alert("Really!!?") }, true);



Her only the node with id 'g1' opens whereas i want to open all the node starting with id 'g' is there a way to make it operational?

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jsTree is very very good but its documentation does leave a bit to be desired. I too struggled with with it for a while and finally came up with this - selectively expanding/cotracting jsTree nodes

This may not directly answer your specific question but I think it might help.

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i am still not sure how to customize that according to my need :( – jeev Feb 18 '13 at 10:48

When generating json you can use just "state" => "open" for nodes you want to be open on load. So the logic is in the code that generates json not jsTree itself.

Read more in doc for json_data plugin

The basic structure you need to follow when supplying data in the JSON format is:

    "data" : "node_title",  // omit `attr` if not needed; the `attr` object gets passed to the jQuery `attr` function
    "attr" : { "id" : "node_identificator", "some-other-attribute" : "attribute_value" }, // `state` and `children` are only used for NON-leaf nodes
    "state" : "closed", // or "open", defaults to "closed"
    "children" : [ /* an array of child nodes objects */ ]
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one more thing i forgot to mention is that the nodes are formed in the web-service, not in the script of jstree. so their id's will be present in the web-service . – jeev Feb 20 '13 at 4:15
If the node is in state close an AJAX request is sent and then the return data is used to render / update jsTree. So simply if you use above settings. The data manipulation is done on the server side. – Radek Feb 26 '13 at 23:56
thank uou for your reply,but where do i add "state":closed?? my nodes are called from the web-service. please see the updated question – jeev Feb 27 '13 at 5:56
An example is in my answer, in the sample code. Even you have used "state": "open", in your code. So when your web-service creates new node and you need to ajax for that node you add "state" : "closed" on the same level like data and attr. Note that you can add your own attributes using attr section and then when creating AJAX call you can pass these attributes to your web-service. Plenty of examples are here… – Radek Feb 27 '13 at 22:00

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