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I have a script which uses the isrow and iscolumn functions when called it generates the following error:

>> isrow( [1,2,3] )
??? Undefined function or method 'isrow' for input arguments of type 'double'.

What is the minimum version of Matlab I can use which will have these functions built in?

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isrow(V) and iscolumn(V) functions are available from Matlab 2011a.

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You can use the following code for isrow()

function Y = isrow(X)
% ISROW    True for row vectors.
%   Y = ISROW(X) returns logical 1 if X is a row vector, 0 otherwise.
%   ISROW returns 1 for scalars also.
%    See also: ISCOL.

if ndims(X)==2 & size(X,1)==1 & size(X,2)>=1
   Y = logical(1);
   Y = logical(0);

Source via MATLAB Central

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