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I want in my application AdminUsers and normal Users. What Is the best way to have this?

What I tried is this. I started with a brand new rails app

rails new testadmin

added ActiveAdmin to the Gemfile

gem 'activeadmin'
gem 'sass-rails'
gem "meta_search",    '>= 1.1.0.pre'

And generate the admin interface

rails generate active_admin:install

then following the instructions provided by the shell.

I have now AdminUsers in ActiveAdmin. I then generated a User model for Devise:

rails generate devise User
rake db:migrate

and added it to the Admin interface

rails generate active_admin:resource User

This seems to work as I now have a fancy User page with filters and the ability to add a new User, but whenever I try to add it (setting the email and a password), I get the following exception:

ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error in Admin::UsersController#create

Can't mass-assign protected attributes: encrypted_password, reset_password_token, reset_password_sent_at(1i), reset_password_sent_at(2i), reset_password_sent_at(3i), reset_password_sent_at(4i), reset_password_sent_at(5i), remember_created_at(1i), remember_created_at(2i), remember_created_at(3i), remember_created_at(4i), remember_created_at(5i), current_sign_in_at(1i), current_sign_in_at(2i), current_sign_in_at(3i), current_sign_in_at(4i), current_sign_in_at(5i), last_sign_in_at(1i), last_sign_in_at(2i), last_sign_in_at(3i), last_sign_in_at(4i), last_sign_in_at(5i), current_sign_in_ip, last_sign_in_ip

How to get what I'm after? Thanks

PS: I really hope they'll add ActiveAdmin and Devise as standard, out of the box components for Rails like Django has its admin interface and user model :/

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You need to enter the attr-accessible from the User model. Enter this into app/admin/user.rb

form do |f|
  f.inputs do
    f.input :email
    f.input :password
    f.input :password_confirmation

Hope this helps

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worked like a charm, thanks –  pistacchio Feb 18 '13 at 11:38

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