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I am currently working on a project in which I have to match company names with names of external credit limits.

1 company could have more than 1 credit limit and 1 credit limit could be valid for more than 1 company.

In MYSQL I have created 3 tables;

Companies: c_,id, companyname, clientdebno (c_id primary autoincrement)
InsuranceLimits: i_id, companyname, insref (i_id primary autoincrement)
Link: c_id,I-id {together primary)

With the following SQL_statement I'll match at least 80% of all records which for this moment is enough. So at this moment no alternative MySQL search-option as SOUNDEX and Levenshtein requested.


select distinct c_id,clientdebno, kre_id,kredietlimieten.naamdebiteur, refmij   
  FROM Companies, InsuranceLimits 
  WHERE companies.companyname like concat('%', InsuranceLimits.companyname, '%')

I wish to develop a PHP-form:

  1. In which a user could validate the match and also in later use change this. So radio button?
  2. The match will be stored in the LINK-table
  3. Maximum 10 matches in the form per time. So the form has to reload every time there are more than 10 c_id's found
  4. Updating the 10 database records after every submit; the form reappears with the next 10 records.
  5. I prefer checkboxes per row in the form, which show current status "linked" or "not linked"
  6. A counter to see how many companies have been validated and how many more a user has to do.

I have been struggling with all kinds of forms and codes for days now and do realize I don't see the bigger picture anymore. Please help.


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So, you need us to create the form for you or, what exactly is the issue? –  vectorialpx Feb 18 '13 at 10:12
yes, I need the form, but especially the PHP-code to refresh this form after submitting it and getting the next 10 entries into the form. –  Eddy Feb 18 '13 at 10:21
Problem solved. –  Eddy Feb 18 '13 at 22:18

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