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I have a basic form submission script that sets multidimensional $_SESSION variables (2 levels) from a loop - then redirects using header location.

I developed this on my local machine (xampp/windows server running PHP 5.3.8) without problems but I am having issues with it on my web linux server running PHP 5.3.3 and even upgraded to 5.3.21 with same issues.

here is my script:


    $_SESSION['c'] = array();
    $seq = 1;

    for($d=1; $d<=10; $d++){

        if($_POST["COMPANY_$d"] && $_POST["PHONE_$d"]){

            $_SESSION['c'][$seq] = array();

            $_SESSION['c'][$seq]["COMPANY"] = str_replace("\'", "", str_replace('\"', '', $_POST["COMPANY_$d"]));
            $_SESSION['c'][$seq]["PHONE"] = str_replace("\'", "", str_replace('\"', '', $_POST["PHONE_$d"]));

            if($_POST["COUNTRY_$d"] == 'Canada'){
                $_SESSION['c'][$seq]["STATE"] = str_replace("\'", "", str_replace('\"', '', $_POST["STATE_$d"]));
                $_SESSION['c'][$seq]["STATE"] = str_replace("\'", "", str_replace('\"', '', $_POST["STATE_2_$d"]));
            $_SESSION['c'][$seq]["COUNTRY"] = $_POST["COUNTRY_$d"];
            $_SESSION['c'][$seq]["ADDY1"] = str_replace("\'", "", str_replace('\"', '', $_POST["ADDY1_$d"]));
            $_SESSION['c'][$seq]["ADDY2"] = str_replace("\'", "", str_replace('\"', '', $_POST["ADDY2_$d"]));
            $_SESSION['c'][$seq]["CITY"] = str_replace("\'", "", str_replace('\"', '', $_POST["CITY_$d"]));
            $_SESSION['c'][$seq]["ZIP"] = str_replace("\'", "", str_replace('\"', '', $_POST["ZIP_$d"]));


        }//end declare var in $_SESSION

    }//end for

                header("location: register3.php");

}//end usersubmit

And what it sets is following:

        [working] => 1

[c] => 11

What it should set (and does set if I disable header location) is:

            [working] => 1

    [c] => Array
            [1] => Array
                    [COMPANY] => jk
                    [PHONE] => jhgk
                    [STATE] => 
                    [COUNTRY] => 
                    [ADDY1] => 
                    [ADDY2] => 
                    [CITY] => 
                    [ZIP] => 


So as you can see the issue is with the $_SESSION['c'] array. Like I said it works when you disable header("location: register3.php");. Its almost as if the page redirects before the multidimensional array values are properly set.

Could this be a output_buffering issue? I have output_buffering = off in my php.ini file. I also turned it on to see if it would make a difference but no luck.

Any insight to this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I don't see your session_start() call, are you calling that at the very beginning? – MrCode Feb 18 '13 at 10:16
Do you have a session_start() ? – vectorialpx Feb 18 '13 at 10:17
yes, sorry it was out of the code I copied but session_start() is certainly set at top of page. – Jiminy Cricket Feb 18 '13 at 10:18
Not knowing anything about the code surrounding this snippet, I'd suggest to call session_write_close() after the last $_SESSION access. – flyx Feb 18 '13 at 10:19
Any chance your register3.php accidentally changed $_SESSION['c']? Try to demonstrate WHEN you debug your $_SESSION. – Passerby Feb 18 '13 at 10:26

Please try printing the session content before the header redirect and check whether this is well formatted at this page or not.


And comment the header redirection line on the page.

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If I add print_r($_SESSION) in place of header redirect it comes out formatted properly. I don't believe anything on register3.php is changing the $_SESSION values but I am continuing to investigate the possibility. Either that or it may be a php bug I'm thinking?!? – Jiminy Cricket Feb 18 '13 at 10:50
you can try removing all the php code from that page and just use session_start(); and print_r($_SESSION); on that page also clear your buffer using ob_start(); just above session_start(); function line – user2082783 Feb 18 '13 at 11:21
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Passerby set me on the right path. register3.php was the culprit. I still don't understand how the same code rendered differently on two servers.

here is what I had:

for($c=0; $c<=10; $c++){
        $all_co[] = "taco";
    }//end if something is found in array
}//end for

and when I changed the var $c to $x everything worked fine. I'm glad I finally solved this but still unsettled as to why this happened.

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