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I'm trying to add an extra post parameter for each file uploaded using addFileParam, the documentation explains itself quite well but when I try to add anything it prepends the value to the size param, causing it to do something like this

SWF DEBUG:   'Filename' => 'image.jpeg',
SWF DEBUG:   'cnid' => 'up5121fcacd30besize=539321',
SWF DEBUG:   'Upload' => 'Submit Query',

When what I really need is this:

SWF DEBUG:   'Filename' => 'image.jpeg',
SWF DEBUG:   'cnid' => 'up5121fcacd30be',
SWF DEBUG:   'size' => '539321',
SWF DEBUG:   'Upload' => 'Submit Query',

My Javascript:

function onQueued(obj) {
    swfu.addFileParam(, 'cnid', 'up5121fcacd30be');

Any idea what I could be doing wrong? I've tried wrapping the value like '"' too and I've also tried semi colons at the end. I'm using the Yelp version of swfupload as it seems most up to date.

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