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Using the Perl web application framework Dancer, I am having some problems with trailing slashes in the URL matching.

Say for example, I want to match the following URL, with an optional Id parameter:

get '/users/:id?' => sub
    #Do something

Both /users/morgan and /users/ match. Though /users will not. Which does not seem very uniform. Since I would prefer, only matching the URL:s without the trailing slash: /users/morgan and /users. How would I achieve that?

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Another approach is to use a named sub - all the examples of Dancer code tend to use anonymous subs, but there's nothing that says it has to be anonymous.

get '/users' => \&show_users;
get '/users/:id' => \&show_users;

sub show_users
    #Do something

Note that, due to the way Dancer does the route matching, this is order-dependent and, in my experience, I've had to list the routes with fewer elements first.

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id will contains everything from /user/ on until an optional slash.

get qr{^/users/?(?<id>[^/]+)?$} => sub {
  my $captures = captures;
  if ( defined $captures->{id} ) {
    return sprintf 'the id is: %s', $captures->{id};
  else {
    return 'global user page'
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Obligatory xkcd comic :) –  Morgan Bengtsson Feb 18 '13 at 12:57

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