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I am trying add some response headers to some of my webservice calls. I wrote my webservice using CXF 2.1.2 and JAX-RS. I need to return an object and I also want to add some headers to the Response. Without returning a object, how do I add a header to the response and still return my javabean?

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You can inject a reference to the actual HttpServletResponse via the @Context annotation in your webservice and use addHeader() etc. to add your header.

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@Heri - I tried this, HttpServletResponse comes back null. For Some background I am using Spring for my configuration. I also tried using @Resource for the response to no avail. Injecting the HttpServletRequest to the Context does work though... –  jconlin Sep 29 '09 at 21:07
This looks like a CXF issue, since it is a specified feature of JAX-RS and I tried it successfully in Jersey. It should be fixed in CXF long ago: –  Heri Sep 30 '09 at 7:27
@Heri - Unfortunately I was unable to upgrade the version of CXF in that particular environment, but my issue did appear to be tied to that. Either way you are correct. –  jconlin Oct 15 '09 at 20:51

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