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I was having an issue in trying to access C++ list data that is assigned to QML Repeater model.

Can this data be accessed without the help of a delegate?

For example: C++:

QList<MyOwnStruct>  GetListData() // Invokable from qml
   QList<MyOwnStruct> infoData
   .... // Appended data 
   return infoData


Row {
    Repeater {
        model: GetListData()

In the above example, I was able to get the exact count of infoData which repeater repeats. But I could not get more information from infoData like each individual element.

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If you want to accesses elements of your struct, you will need to convert your MyOwnStruct to something that QML can understand, example QVariantMap.

So you could do something like this.

QVariantMap MyClass::GetData(int index) // Invokable
   QVariantMap var;

   MyOwnStruct infoData = infoListData[index];

   // Appended data 
    var.insert("elem_a", infoData.element_a);
    var.insert("elem_b", infoData.element_b);

    return var;

Then in QML, you can access is something like

var data_at_index = getData(index)
var a = data_at_index["elem_a"]

Your Repeater model can be just a Q_PROPERTY integer that returns the count of the list.

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