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I have a strange problem. While updating an AS400 table, I am getting the following error

ERROR [55019] [IBM][AS] SQL7008N REXX variable '< table name>' contains inconsistent data.

The same code is working perfectly on MSSQL 2008

After searching on internet I found that this problem arises when I update a Non-journaled table on AS400

For which I have to enable the journaling for that table. This cannot be a solution as I don't have access to the AS400 server.

The workaround mentioned on internet is to add a NOT NULL clause to queries like INSERT,UPDATE, DELETE again this is not possible in my case as i am not executing query directly instead using DBContext for the same.

Another workaround is to set isolationlevel/commitmode to NOCOMMIT or 32. I have tried to set both in the web config but failed getting error System.ArgumentException: Invalid argument and exception Entity Exception: The underlying provider failed on ConnectionString.

So the question is simple how to do it ??

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Is your framework trying to COMMIT the update? –  Darius X. Feb 18 '13 at 19:26
yes it does (I guess) –  Syed Mohd Mohsin Akhtar Feb 19 '13 at 9:17
Your best bet is to investigate if there is a way for you to turn off the use of transactions. –  Darius X. Feb 19 '13 at 12:11
Interesting to see REXX in the error message note. What platform runs the query? What REXX is running? What driver is used? A couple different approaches might fit different setups. –  user2338816 Mar 21 at 0:45

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Try setting the DefaultIsolationLevel:

iDB2Connection cn = new iDB2Connection();
cn.ConnectionString = "DataSource=myiSeries; DefaultIsolationLevel=Chaos;";

While old, this Redbook has some good information.

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