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I started to experiment with the audit logging function of Postgres as described in This function stores the new values of the changed record in an hstore field.

I would like to retrieve the hstore field values as a set of records of the logged table.

Postgres documentation says converting an hstore to a record type goes like this:

CREATE TABLE test (col1 integer, col2 text, col3 text);
SELECT * FROM populate_record(null::test, '"col1"=>"456", "col2"=>"zzz"');

This works for a signle record, but I don't know how to do the same with multiple records. I tried this one:

  populate_record(null::public.usr, logged_actions.row_data)
  audit.logged_actions.table_name = 'usr'

... but it returns a single composit column for each logged record of the usr table.

Any ideas how to return the set of hstore values as a set of records of type usr here?

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I found the answer here, many thanks to Sergey Konoplev:

  (populate_record(null::public.usr, logged_actions.row_data)).*
  audit.logged_actions.table_name = 'usr'
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