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I'm using msDropDown 3.3 to my select forms like this:

        <tr><td>Valutanem *</td><td><select name="valutanem" id="valutanem"  style="width:100%;" class="validate[required]" onchange="getvaluta($('#valutanem option:selected').val());">
<option value='0'>Change</option>      
<option value='HUF'>HUF</option>
  <option value='EUR'>EUR</option>


$(document).ready(function() {

var valutanemDropdown = $("#valutanem").msDropdown().data("dd");



Here is the main page for that project:


And I want to use jQuery Validation Engine to be sure something is selected!

The doc says, just add class="validate[required]" to select, but it's not working! Why?

The Validation Engine can be found here:


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            This is because the select element is being wrapped by a div with the class
    "ddOutOfVision" which has overflow:hidden which makes 
    the validation error to not be visible. 

            In order to fix that you can simply do this in javascript:

             if ($('#valutanem').length > 0) {

          if  ($("#valutanem").hasClass('validate[required]'))

            var element  = document.getElementById("valutanem_msdd")

     // need to clone the element because IE does not allow to set the type 
    //only if it is a newly created element
            var newObject = element.cloneNode(true);  
            newObject.type = "ms-dropdown-source";


        $.valHooks['ms-dropdown-source'] = {
          get: function (el) {
            element_id = $.trim($(el).attr('id').split('_msdd')[0])
            return $("#"+element_id).val();
          set: function (el, val) {
            element_id = $.trim($(el).attr('id').split('_msdd')[0])
            return $("#"+element_id).val(val);


       tested with Chrome, Firefox, IE6, IE7 and IE8 and works. NOt sure about other browsers
Sorry if the identation is wrong. I am not very used to Markdown
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