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I am querying the information_schema.columns table in my PostgreSQL database. Using a table name, the result set finds all the column names, type, and whether it is nullable (except for the primary key, 'id'). This is the query being used:

SELECT column_name, is_nullable,data_type FROM information_schema.columns
WHERE lower(table_name) = lower('TABLE1') AND column_name != 'id'
ORDER BY ordinal_position;

I have a string array for each of these results and I am trying to use the ResultSet method getArray(String columnLabel) to avoid looping through the results. I want to store the returned Arrays in the string arrays, but get a type mismatch error ("Type mismatch: cannot convert from Array to String[]").

Is there a way to convert or typecast the SQL Array object to a String[]?

Relevant Code:

String[] columnName, type, nullable;

//Get Field Names, Type, & Nullability 
String query = "SELECT column_name, is_nullable,data_type FROM information_schema.columns "
        + "WHERE lower(table_name) = lower('"+tableName+"') AND column_name != 'id' "
        + "ORDER BY ordinal_position";

    ResultSet rs = Query.executeQueryWithRS(c, query);
    columnName = rs.getArray(rs.getArray("column_name");
    type = rs.getArray("data_type");
    nullable = rs.getArray("is_nullable");
}catch (Exception e) {
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Array a = rs.getArray("is_nullable");
String[] nullable = (String[])a.getArray();

As explained here

Array is SQL type, getArray() returns an object to cast to java array.

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Thank you, I had tried using rs.getArray("is_nullable").getArray() but I don't think I had typecast it. This appears to have solved my problem. – Matt Feb 18 '13 at 11:36
Glad I could help :) – BobTheBuilder Feb 18 '13 at 11:47

Generalize the Array to Object

    Object[] type; //this is generic can use String[] directly
    Array rsArray;

    rsArray = rs.getArray("data_type");
    type = (Object [])rsArray.getArray();

Use it loop as string:

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This still causes an error. "Type mismatch: cannot convert from Array to Object[]". I think the major problem is that the ResultSet getArray method returns a java.sql Array, not the java.util.Arrays type under the java.lang Object class. Here is the javadoc on the method I'm using. – Matt Feb 18 '13 at 11:30
@Matt edited and verified, getArray() will return Array, and Array.getArray() returns java array. – TheWhiteRabbit Feb 18 '13 at 11:40
Correct, this would now work, but it requires the unnecessary use of toString(). In a case where unknown or a variety of objects are contained in the ResultSet, generalizing to Object[] may be more useful. In my case, I only need Strings. – Matt Feb 18 '13 at 11:45

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