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I have a Java web application deployed on 2 host machines, fronted by a servlet filter. I sent a POST request to the application on one host, which is intercepted by the filter and redirected to the other host:

public void doFilter (ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response,
       FilterChain filterChain)
    if(shouldRedirect) {

On the second machine, the request passes the filter and is handled by a REST API in a Resource class.

public Response handleRequest(InputStream stream)

The stream object is sent as part of the POST request body. After the redirection, the request body is not sent over and stream is empty. How do I preserve the request body (or at least this part of it) after the redirect?


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I would perform a post to the redirectLocation instead. sendRedirect is telling the client to change its location so you are starting a new HTTP request at that point.

When you perform the redirect you could have the client initiate the original POST request to the new URL.

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Another method I found could work is a 307 (Temporary redirect). This preserves the body of the original request, so it works in this case. The 307 redirect has some security implications as detailed here, but there is the benefit of not having the original host acting as a proxy for a blocking HTTP request.

public void doFilter(...)
    httpResponse.setHeader("Location", redirectLocation);
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Thank you, this really solved my problem like a charm. – Madwyn Jul 1 '14 at 17:46

sendRedirect() re-visits the user's browser and from browser makes a visit to the re-directed url.

having said that, the POST data is available only at the initial host where the first request has been recievied. i.e. filter in this case.

What you can do :

modify your redirect url to include POST data as Request Parameters in GET url

e.g. host2\servlet?param=one&param2=two

Read more about URL Redirection

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