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I am looking for some solution for using @import '*.js' like in less css for Symfony 2 project. Is there any plugin for that? It would be nice to in-file controlling instead of hard writing 'javascripts' in correct order in twig.

If I am not clear:

today we must control load order for ensuring pre-definition of super classes:

{% javascripts '@AcmeDemoBundle/Resources/public/js/app.base.js'

what I want:

{% javascripts '@AcmeDemoBundle/Resources/public/js/app.starter.js' %}...

@import 'app.baseclasses1.js'
@import 'app.baseclasses2.js'
@import 'app.baseclassesN.js'
@import 'app.superbaseclassesX.js'
// an so on...

The only solution I know is to wrap definitions into functions and make little utility:

loadUtil.register('some.package', function(){ 
MyClass=new Class({extends: SuperClassFromSomeBasePackage...});
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nope , @import is not a javascript keyword. You can look for AMD(requirejs) , or browserify , etc... –  mpm Feb 18 '13 at 12:03

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I found that RequireJSBundle:


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Write your JavaScript modules in CommonJS format and use cjsDeliveryBundle.

Say your client-side application consists of two modules, pear and pip, where pip requires pear. pip.js would look like this:

// pip.js
exports.message = 'I am a pip.';

And pear.js would look like this:

// pear.js
var pip = require('./pip'); // Assuming pip.js is in the same directory. Note that the .js extension is omitted in CommonJS.

console.log('I am a pear, but also, ' + pip.message);

If you point it at pear.js, cjsDelivery will automatically resolve the dependencies and compile the entire modularised application into a single JavaScript file.

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